Technical properties of the products
Humidity: 4.09 %
Ash contents: 0.47 %
Sulfur contents: 0.01 %
Lower heat value: 19.26 Mj/kg
Higher heat value: 20.55 Mj/kg

About products

Our products belong to the category of biofuel. It is an environmentally friendly fuel with minimum ash content. The fuel is made of sawmill waste. It is widely used for heating homes, fireplaces, barbecue grills.

Choosing this kind of fuel, you take a step to saving the nature. The most important thing is, this type of fuel is produced from waste.

In some cases, the sawmill wastes go to landfill polluting the area and nature.

In other cases, the wastes are processed and you get the fuel that fills your house with warmth.

By choosing this product, you are doing great things. 

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