Din+ Company has been producing wood pellets since 2009. During this time, we have gained much experience and now our main goal is to become the leader in this industry, therefore, our product boasts high quality, is environmentally friendly and safe to use. We comply with the international standards and prove the quality that meets the requirements of the Din+ Certificate. If you are interested in premium wood pellets, look no further. Our goal is warmth and comfort in your home.

Currently, we are the leading manufacturer and exporter of softwood pellets in Ukraine. We produce 500-600 tons of high quality wood pellets. Our goal is to increase the production volume every year and maintain the same high quality. Our core activity is production of the Din+ quality wood pellets as well as the Pini Key briquettes (quadrangular briquettes) and the Ruf briquettes. The goal of our Company is to provide our customers with the products made of high quality materials.

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